What is the California Health Access Program?

The California Health Access Program (HAP) is a state-funded initiative that provides special care services to residents of the state. Through this program, vendors are given pre-numbered, teal cards to distribute to customers at the time of their first service. This ensures that there are no delays in receiving care. The HAP covers family planning and related services, but individuals may have other health care needs.

They may qualify for Covered California health care coverage, which can be discussed with their provider. The Medi-Cal Access Program (MCAP) is administered through the Department of Health Services and provides low-cost comprehensive health care to pregnant people during their pregnancy and up to 365 days after delivery. Newborns may be covered by the Medi-Cal Access Infant Program for up to two years. Health Access California is a statewide coalition that works to promote comprehensive health reforms and universal, affordable and quality health care for all Californians.

The California LGBTQ Health and Human Services Network is a coalition of non-profit providers, community centers, and researchers that advocate for policies and resources that promote the health of LGBTQ people. The Health4All coalition works to eliminate immigration status as a barrier to access to health care in California, as well as reduce the growth rate of overall health care costs. In response to President Biden's announcement to designate all DACA recipients as “legally present”, Health Access California issued a statement allowing them full access to health care coverage through the Medicaid and ACA health insurance markets, such as Covered California.

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