Mental and Behavioral Health Services Covered by California's Health Care System

Mental and behavioral health services are essential for individuals and families in California to stay healthy and safe. The state of California works with 11 different health insurance companies to provide coverage for a wide range of treatments, such as counseling, inpatient treatment, and substance abuse treatment. Medi-Cal covers outpatient mental health services, such as individual or group counseling, specialized outpatient mental health services, inpatient mental health services, outpatient substance use disorder services, residential treatment services, and voluntary inpatient detoxification. The Covered California program creates plans for families seeking minimal coverage and for people seeking more comprehensive health care policies. In addition to traditional health plans, supplemental insurance options such as short-term medical insurance or travel insurance can provide mental health coverage.

Federal law requires certain protections for mental health and substance use disorder benefits to ensure that they are covered in the same way as most medical and surgical services. The California Physicians Service (DBA Blue Shield of California) is an independent member of the Blue Shield Association and offers access to digital health programs designed to help you achieve your health goals. Health for California is committed to teaching Californians about accessible mental health care no matter the price. This new law also applies to your referring healthcare provider; the referral appointment must be scheduled within 10 business days.

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